Messi’s wife Antonela’s surprising reaction to Shakira’s song about Pique

Shakira‘s latest song, BZRP Music Sessions #53, in collaboration with Bizarrap, has gone viral and is being played all over the world. The lyrics make references to her ex-partner Gerard Pique and there are also references to the ex-footballer’s current partner, Clara Chia.

Well, the reactions have been immediate on social media. And Antonela Roccuzzo, Leo Messi‘s wife, has not been able to contain herself. The Argentine reacted with enthusiasm to a Bizarrap post, in which it was announced when the song would be released.

Antonela showed her support for Shakira, with three flame emojis, in which she shows which side she is on in this ‘war’ between Shakira and Pique.

The Colombian is making the most of the split, because she has already released three songs, with lyrics in which she alludes to her former partner.

This support from Antonela shows that Messi‘s partner has a good relationship with the Colombian, with whom she surely shared some moments when their partners played together in Barcelona.

We don’t know what Leo Messi will think and if his wife’s reaction will be okay with him, taking a stand against a former teammate of his, with whom he shared many moments at Barcelona.

However, Antonela has chosen Shakira and likes this new song in which the Colombian has once again demonstrated that she knows how to take advantage of a situation and make musical hits that have millions of listens and plays all over the world.