Why didn’t Zendaya, Taylor Swift and Rihanna attend the 2023 Golden Globes red carpet?

It was a return to prominence for the Golden Globes, holding their first award ceremony since the 2022 edition was cancelled, but there were a number of key absentees.

Zendaya, Taylor Swift and Rihanna didn’t attend the ceremony, and as three of the highest-profile artists around, there were a lot of questions as to why they weren’t present.

Zendaya won the Golden Globe for best actress in a television series for ‘Euphoria’, but it was stated that she didn’t attend due to work commitments.

However, it was later revealed that she was in Los Angeles, where the ceremony was held.

Swift, who has enjoyed a remarkable return to prominence in 2022, was nominated in the best original song category for her masterpiece named ‘Carolina’, but she confirmed that her absence was due to a rehearsal for her upcoming tour.

Where was Rihanna?

Rihanna wasn’t at the red carpet ceremony, although she did appear at the gala with ASAP Rocky.

Initially it was said that the Barbadian singer wasn’t going to be present as she was preparing for her Super Bowl half-time appearance in February.

Rihanna fell just short in her award category, losing to Naatu Naatu.

When she finally appeared at the gala, Rihanna was dressed in a black gown and wool coat, in what was a hugely surprising appearance.

2023 was her first ever Golden Globe nomination, with her song ‘Lift Me Up’ being considered as a potential award winner.