Tom Brady praised for Prince Harry interview… is there anything NFL’s GOAT can’t do?

As Prince Harry makes rounds in the press, a new unexpected name gets dragged into the British Royal Family’s sphere: Tom Brady. The QB, who is busy preparing for the Bucs NFC Wild Card battle on Monday (8:15 pm ET on ESPN), has been tagged on social media and praised for giving a “great interview” with the Duke of Sussex.

The only problem: it wasn’t him that gave the interview.

Why Tom Brady was praised for an interview he didn’t do

Thomas Matthew Bradby is a British journalist and novelist who currently presents the ITV News at Ten. He is better known as Tom Bradby. Which only bears a one-letter difference to that of the NFL star, hence the confusion.

Fellow political journalist Emily Maitlis took to Twitter to applaud her colleague, but mistakenly praised the seven-time Super Bowl champion instead: “Great interview by @TomBrady. This is fundamentally a tragic story of a kid who lost his mother in the most appalling circumstances – and never found the support to emerge from that darkness”

Users spared no time in mocking the British journalist

The replies poking fun at Matilis were swift. “Didn’t know Brady did interviews. Pretty talented guy to play football and interview princes”, one user commented. Jon Sopel, who hosts a podcas alongside Maitlis, responded to his friend saying: “Hey Maitlis – would be one helluva scoop if this int had been done by America’s quarterback.”

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Piers Morgan was also made fun of after making the same mistake in a tweet criticizing Mr. Bradby and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. He then deleted the tweet after realizing his mistake.

Tom Brady‘s future is in broadcasting with Fox Sports. Will he ever interview Prince Harry or Meghan Markle? Stranger things have happened. He is also yet to respond to Maitlis.