Damar Hamlin: ICU doctor reveals ‘alarming’ celebration to Hines TD

Damar Hamlin’s recovery has been “a little ahead” of normal n “every aspect” from the cardiac episode he suffered in Week 17. According to statements made by Dr. Timothy Pritts, a surgeon who has been treating Hamlin at UC Health.

So much so, that the hospitalized safety celebrated the Bills kickoff return TD against the Patriots so passionately that he set off “every alarm off in the ICU in the process”.

Despite alarms going off, it was an appropriate celebration

In a press conference held on Monday, Dr. Pritts assured that despite all the alarms going off, everything was okay: “He was fine, it was just an appropriate reaction to a very exciting play. He very much enjoyed it”.

The UC doctor added that Damar Hamlin was “beyond excited” during the game and the massive outpour of love he has received from players, excecutives and fans across the globe.

Hamlin is on track to get back to “normal life”

Hamlin, who is now at a local Buffalo hospital, is on track to get back to normal life. Although Pritts explains it is still to soon to determine when that could be: “He’s making great progress, his brain and his neurological function is really normal so right now it’s just a young man recovering from a very serious illness”.

The Bills safety’s “positive attitude” has the doctor convinced that “he will recover well from this”.

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The doctor spoke on the cause of Hamlin’s cardiac arrest

The Cincinnati surgeon also spoke on determining the cause of what caused Hamlin‘s cardiac arrest, assuring it is “still fairly premature” to pinpoint it. He, however, assured they will get to the bottom of it it with a “series of tests and evaluations”.

For this, the Buffalo hospital will be key in coordinating results in a “further timeline”.