Why Tom Brady’s NFL future could hinge on a decision by Aaron Rodgers

Tom Brady is preparing to play in the NFL playoffs for the 20th time, some entire franchises have never done so in their entire history. However, this Monday the most heated talk about him is not around his game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Dallas Cowboys next Monday Night Football’s Super Wild Card Weekend, instead there is more talk about what will happen after playing his last game this season.

In addition to everything mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is the seemingly unrelated topic of the elimination of the Green Bay Packers and their quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who, while under contract to remain with this team, was not clear about his future.

Aaron Rodgers on his next move after missing playoffs: I don’t knowLAPRESSE

Will the Raiders look for Rodgers or Brady?

So the speculation is that if the Las Vegas Raiders attempt to reunite Rodgers with their star receiver in Green Bay, Davante Adams, then that would force Brady to seek a return to the New England Patriots.

It was in that vein that Greg Jenning, A-Rod’s former Packers wide receiver, expressed himself during his latest appearance on Colin Cowherd’s Fox Sports show, The Herd.

Antonio Brown talks about the conflict between him and Tom Brady

“My reaction was kind of like ‘here we go again,’” Jennings said. “The Packers are in another situation where they’re going to have another offseason where they’re waiting on the head nod from Aaron Rodgers over whether he is coming back. This is something they know they’re going to be going to be up against each and every year if he does decide to come back because of where he is in his career. They ended the year well, as far as winning some games, but in my opinion I don’t know if we do see Aaron Rodgers back.”

What’s next for Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers?

While Rodgers’ next official game will be until next September, on Monday, January 16, Brady and the Bucs will host the Dallas Cowboys in the final game of Super Wild Card Weekend.