NHL: Scandalous Kiss Cam at an NHL game: Genuine or staged cheating?

The famous ‘Kiss Cam’ at the UBS Arena caused trouble for a couple during a New York IslandersNHL game.

After scanning the crowd, the camera picks a couple, who are expected to kiss while the images are being shown in the main screen of the stadium.

This time, the ‘Kiss Cam’ focused on a couple, with the woman refusing to kiss the man.

Then, another woman appeared on the screen and kissed him after that rejection, while the other woman showed her frustration by standing up and leaving.

Was the New York Islanders ‘Kiss Cam’ real or staged?

It remains unclear whether the whole incident was real or staged, but there have been several occasions where kisses are rejected.

One of the most famous ‘Kiss Cam’ highlights took place during a basketball game between the United States and Brazil at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.

The ‘Kiss Cam’ spotted former US president Barack Obama alongside his wife Michelle Obama and the couple did not hesitate to kiss, while their daughter Malia Obama and then-vice president Joe Biden were checking the video screen.