Prince Harry reveals feeling guilty as he could not cry over the death of his mother Princess Diana

Prince Harry was in complete shock after the death of his mother and revealed to Anderson Cooper that he’d feel guilty for not being able to cry at the memory of his mother and also revealed that he would watch videos to see if he could.

The Duke of Sussex detailed that he wanted to cry and would focus on the memory of Lady Di and simply felt sad but his body somehow withdrew his tears.

‘There was this weight on my chest that I felt for so many years that I was never able to cry,’ he told Anderson Cooper in the 60 minutes interview.

Prince Harry would look at videos of his mother and could not shed a single tear

‘So I was constantly trying to find a way to cry, but… in even sitting on my sofa and going over as many memories as I could muster up about my mum. And sometimes I watched videos online.’ He elaborated.

Prince Harry revealed that during the procession to her mother’s funeral, he wanted to hide his shock and smiled as he would normally would, however, that made him feel sadder and guiltier.

Prince Harry recalls how the mourner’ hands felt wet

‘I remember the guilt that I felt, the fact that the people that we were meeting were showing more emotion than [William and I] were showing, maybe more emotion than we even felt.

‘There was a lotta tears. I talk about how wet people’s hands were. And I couldn’t understand it at first’ he acknowledged how the people where feeling.

‘Their hands were wet from wiping their own tears away. I do remember one of the strangest parts of it, was taking flowers from people and then placing those flowers with the rest of them. As if I was some sort of middle person for their grief. And that really stood out for me.’ He remembers as he told Anderson Cooper.