Steven Spielberg on Seth Rogen’s movies: I’ve never done drugs, so I don’t watch them…

Steven Spielberg continues to be one of the most prominent filmmakers on the international scene, so it is logical that he is one of the most sought-after faces at more than a few galas related to the world of the big screen. His latest work, ‘The Fabelmans’, is also giving much to talk about.

The film features Seth Rogen, an actor who has appeared in several films of the so-called ‘stoner’ genre. That is, films in which various narcotic substances have a certain role to enhance various comic elements.

Now Spielberg showed his humor when asked if he was a fan of Rogen‘s films.

“I’ve never been stoned, so I don’t watch stoner movies”

Both Rogen and Spielberg have met numerous times, since they have filmed together. So it makes sense that they also meet outside of filming, as happened at the Palm Spring Film Festival. There, both starred in a particular and funny encounter where the subject of ‘stoner’ comedies came up.

As shared by Variety, the situation couldn’t have been more nonsensical and comical.

“I’ve never been stoned, so I see them as stoner movies,” Spielberg said when asked about his partner’s films. Both started laughing after this comment.

“I understand them as films of a police officer who gives sensible advice to an impressionable person,” he added moments later to the laughter of his partner on the film, Rogen.

Rogen, of course, wasn’t far behind, and he joked back – in delight – at the filmmaker.

“I kept blowing smoke in Steven Spielberg‘s face,” he began. “I wanted to see the look on his face,” he added.

“I’ll never work with this fu**er again,” he finished, quoting Spielberg himself with a chuckle.