Sean McVay stint with Los Angeles Rams is at stake, per report

Regarded as one of the most brilliant young minds in recent years in the NFL, Sean McVay has already achieved what any head coach works for years: winning a Super Bowl. In fact, he is the most recent winner, although the Los Angeles Rams had a season to forget and were left out of the Playoffs and the possibility of defending their title.

The Rams have a 5-11 record with one game remaining, making them the defending champion with the worst record the season after winning a title. At 37, McVay signed a contract extension through 2024 in September, but one report indicates he could end up leaving the team at the end of the season.

He will take some time after the last game to decide

The NFL’s most accurate insider, Adam Schefter, commented that McVay could end up leaving. “Sean McVay’s immediate future as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams is in limbo,” he said.

Various NFL sources say it will take some time after the game against the Seattle Seahawks to determine if he will return in 2023. That’s because he’s been through a number of things in recent months, from winning the Super Bowl, having offers to work in TV, his marriage, the loss of a loved one and more.

Injuries didn’t help the Rams

Another factor that didn’t help the Rams have the season that was expected was the multiple injuries they accumulated during the season. As a result, he wants to take some time to “recharge and determine if he has the energy to continue coaching next season.”

McVay is expected to apply the same as Bruce Arians, who retired for a year and returned to win the Super Bowl as Tampa Bay’s coach, or Sean Payton, who similarly took a sabbatical and could return to some team for the 2023 season.