Boxing: Tommy Fury wants to settle feud with Jake Paul in free fight, earnings would go to charity

Both have a large fan base and have become stars on social media, so a fight between the two has long been considered to settle the differences that have pitted them against each other on the internet.

Now, Tommy Fury indicates that he would be willing to fight Jake Paul for free to settle those differences once and for all, while his agents try to work out a financial deal to make the fight happen.

Fury wants to get his hands on Paul

At 23 years old, Fury is sick of seeing “pure Jake Paul crap all over the internet,” and points out to him, “You offered Paddy Pimblett a million pounds to spar, you offered Tyson a million pound bet, but you don’t want to pay me much more to have a fight.”

For Fury, fighting Paul is about more than money: “Well I’ll go one better than that cause it’s gone past money for me now – I’m not bothered. I’ll fight you for free in Manchester or London, next month”.

Fury proposes 100% of earnings to go to charity

As long as Paul agrees, Fury said: “The promoters get nothing, you and I get nothing, all the proceeds will go to charity. He added: “I just want to fight you and finish you, because all this money and everything – it’s gone on too long. Take it or leave it,” he sentenced.

According to SunSport, the fight between Paul and Fury is tentatively scheduled for February 25 in Saudi Arabia.

Jake Paul claims he wants to fight Fury a week earlier: “I have done everything in my power to make the fight against this 8-0 boxer happen, including offering to go to Manchester on February 18 in association with Frank and George Warren,” Paul told the Mirror.