France team: Deschamps finally extended, Le Graët is totally on fire

Didier Deschamps was made official coach of the French team until June 2026 this Saturday, January 7. The decision was taken by the president of the FFF Noël Le Graët, who wanted the coach to be extended only until 2024.

Didier Deschamps will officiate well on the bench of theFrench team for the next World Cup. The French coach had not been officially in office since January 1, 2023, but his extension was only a matter of time. His contract will therefore run until June 2026, when The fields will be, for 14 years, the main coach of the Blues.

An easy agreement according to the president of the FFF

Asked at the microphone ofInfosport +the president of the French football federation Noel Le Graet took the opportunity to recall how healthy the relationship between the two men was: “It happened very naturally, our contracts are so written that we could almost make photocopies, we just have to change the numbers”. Before adding: “Honestly, there is no discussion, we like each other, we want to work together and it happens naturally”.

Deschamps all smiles

Present at a press conference accompanied by a president of the FFF, The fields He was delighted with this decision. “I am going to announce something to you which is for me an immense pleasure, which I hope will be shared by all of you. My president has decided to extend me until 2026”. There followed a round of applause from the journalists on site, before The fields does not conclude: “You can count on me and all the staff to maintain the French team at the highest international level”. Excellent news for Noël Le Graët who had made no secret of his ultimate desire: to renew once again the contract of Didier Deschamps.