Cincinnati store made custom Damar Hamlin shirts and the earnings are going to his foundation

The shows of love and support towards Bills safety Damar Hamlin, after he was terribly injured on the field at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, have come from all over the world and the easiest way to see this is to checkout the Chasing M’s Foundation Toy Drive GoFundMe page, which was setup by Hamlin many years ago.

This GoFundMe campaing resurfaced on Monday night after his injury, it originally looked to raise just $2,500 dollars to buy toys from underprivileged communities in Pittsburgh, but as of today more than $8 million have been raised.

Cincinnati shirt store joins Damar Hamlin’s cause

Cincy Shirts, in Cincinnati presented three costum designs for Damar Hamlin shirts after he suffered a medical emergency and had to be resucitated on the field for almost 10 minutes by administering him CPR.

The first two shirts were designed by the shop, with the first one reading the phrase “More Than Football”, resembling the Bills logo and adding Hamlin’s #3 jersey number. Another one reads “513”, Cincinnati’s area code, with the first two numbers in Bengals colors, and the last one once again being Hamlin’s number 3.

A local artist made the third design possible, as he featured the Bengals and Bills mascots with a knee on the ground while they wear the #3 jerseys.

The owner of Cincy Shirts, Josh Sneed said that the apparel is selling really fast and they are trying to keep up with the orders, as he pledges all the proceeds will go straight to Damar Hamlin’s Chasing M’s Foundation.

Till this moment, over $50,000 have been sold from this three designs, as Sneed told TMZ Sports.

“It seems no matter who needs something, this city steps up. I’m lucky to see this happen time in and time out. Very proud of this city,” Sneed added.