Mercato: For its phenomena, PSG has decided

The transfer window has already started and it seems that PSG will be rather discreet in the direction of arrivals. On the other hand, in terms of departures, the story should not be the same at all, although for Parisian titis, the PSG policy seems strict for some. Explanations.

The transfer market, winter version, opened its doors at the very beginning of January and could lead to some adjustments within the workforce of the PSG. Rather in the direction of departures than arrivals. On December 14, revealed to you exclusively that the senior decision-makers of the Paris HolyGerman did not plan to inject new blood into the group of Christopher Galtier by the end of the winter transfer window. On the other hand, a workforce review would not be ruled out.

Ismael Gharbi, a loan in the head?

With real nuggets with in particular Ishmael Gharbi (18 years old), the PSG can boast of having a bright future thanks in particular to its training centre. Having chained the last two official matches of the PSG including a tenure against Chateauroux Friday evening for the 32nd final of the Coupe de France (3-1), Ishmael Gharbi managed to make a good impression. To the point of convincing Luis Fields to give him a chance during the second half of the season? So far, the PSG football adviser has been open to the idea of ​​the Spanish midfielder leaving on loan, according to The Team.

Zaire-Emery, the untouchable

what about warren Zaire-Emeryanother midfielder from the training center of the PSG ? Not really according to the sports daily since Luis Fields would have no intention of giving up the 16-year-old nugget for a loan and even less for a transfer. Having completed the entire 32nd final of the Coupe de France against Chateauroux Friday night, ZaireEmery seems to be in the good graces of Christopher Galtier and of Luis Fieldsthe decision-making tandem for the transfer window PSG.

The promise El Chadaille Bitshiabu will stay in Paris

As for the situation ofEl Chadaille Bitshiabua 17-year-old central defender with whom the PSG has high hopes, the situation seems to be the same as Warren Zaire-Emery on the transfer window. The management of Paris Saint Germain would refuse to place him on the loan list, his short-term future hanging in the balance. PSG always to believe The Team. The mercato des titis is all mapped out.

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