Aaron Rodgers considered to have an ‘active’ dating life: He makes Pete Davidson look positively demure

Aaron Rodgers has long been a hit for his performances on the pitch, yet the Green Bay Packers quarterback has also been active away from the sport.

This refers to his rather glamorous dating life, with some insiders claiming the athlete makes Pete Davidson seem demure.

Despite having recently been part of an untidy break-up, Rodgers is reportedly about to embark on a new romance with Mallory Edens, the daughter of Wes Edens who owns the Milwaukee Bucks.

Edens is a model and was in attendance at Rodgers‘ last game at Lambeau Field as a guest of the quarterback.

“What’s strange about Aaron is how public he is about his love life,” explained Rob Shuter, the host of the Naughty but Nice podcast, in an interview with the New York Post.

“He makes Pete Davidson look positively demure in comparison.”

Tom Brady, Brad Pitt, Leo Di Caprio, those guys all have a type, but with Rodgers it’s so random, the women he dates don’t seem to have anything in common with the one before.”

Rodgers was engaged as a young man

What is interesting about Rodgers‘ romantic history is the fact that his dating habits never really became public until 2011.

Prior to that he had been engaged as a young man to the childhood sweetheart he met at Church Camp.

It appears as though he was far more guarded over that relationship than his future ones, which have all been plastered over the gossip pages.

Whilst part of a very religious upbringing, Rodgers appears to have now shunned that in favor of his amorous conquests, which have led to a dispute between the quarterback and his family.

Having seen his play on the field decline in 2022, it’s obvious that there is a lot on Rodgers‘ mind, and perhaps that is his ever-changing romantic life.