Convicted before the courts, he gets hit

When he signed for OL in September 2021, Jérôme Boateng joined from Bayern Munich and represented a solid defensive reinforcement. However, at the time, the German player was involved in a case of domestic violence. This Friday, Juninho made his mea culpa on this recruitment and that OL made a mistake by not taking the measure of the seriousness of the affair.

Author of 4 matches League 1 since the start of the season, Jerome Boateng is far from having the performance expected by OL when the Rhône club recruits the former player of Bayern Munich. Disappointing in the field since his arrival and sometimes linked to extra-sporting affairs, the 2014 world champion is not a satisfaction for OL.

“We let things pass because they are players who have already succeeded”

Guest of the show Rothen Ignites this Friday, Juninhoat the time sports director of OLspoke about the right passes granted to certain players:With players like Lovren or Jerome Boateng, we let things pass because they are players who have already succeeded, who played for Bayern and Liverpool. Maybe we miss some things…“, he confided in remarks reported by RMC Sports. Embroiled in a domestic violence case, Jerome Boateng had already been approached by OL who “did not know his problems on the side“Explained the former attacking midfielder.

“We all made a mistake together”

During the show, Juninho went into detail about the recruitment of Jerome Boatengthen on trial with his ex-girlfriend and ordered to pay him €1.2 million in damages for assault and battery: “We didn’t think it was that serious, but he had to make several trips to Germany. If I’m asked if we made a mistake, yes, we all made a mistake together“Explained the free kick specialist before adding:”We were going to put things on the table, ask ourselves how many round trips to Germany he has to make, what is the situation of the trial. There would have been questions to ask to know what decision to make. This is a mistake on our part because it was a serious and important story“.