Prince Harry confesses he wanted to re-open Lady Di’s case but was “persuaded” otherwise

Prince Harry has been making headlines lately due to the release of the Netflix docuseries where he and Meghan Markle spoke about Royal affairs. Alongside the docuseries, the Duke of Sussex also is set to publish a memoir called Spare.

The book has been getting a lot of press because of the interest of the public to know more about the royal family.

Prince William and Prince Harry visited the Paris tunnel

In one of the chapters of the book, Harry writes about the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and the aftermath right after he found out.

Following the death of Lady Di, both William and Harry visited the infamous Paris tunnel where she and Dodi Fayed along with the driver died in a horrible car crash as they were trying to avoid being followed by the paparazzi.

Harry Recalls that both William and he wanted to reopen the crash investigation but others who are not mentioned “persuaded them not to”, this is according to the Spare version of the book obtained by NBC news.

Princess Diana died in 1997

Diana suffered terrible injuries from the car crash and ultimately took her life back in 1997 when Harry was only 12 years old.

He recalls that the one who broke the news to both him and William was his father, now King Charles III.

“What I do remember with stunning clarity is that I did not cry,” Harry says “Not a tear. My father did not hug me”.

Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship fell apart

William and Harry were once united and represented a unified front but after he started dating his now-wife Meghan Markle they started seeing glimpses of discomfort.

Soon after the wedding things became uncomfortable between the both of them and they even had a fistfight in which Harry “knocked him to the floor” over an argument about the Suits alum.

Now, Harry thinks that Ladi Di would have been disappointed about his son’s scuffle, as he told Good Morning America “I think she would be sad, I think she’d be looking at it long term to know that there are certain things that we need to go through to be able to heal the relationship.”

Harry elaborated “I don’t think that we can ever have peace with my family unless the truth is out there.”