Prince Harry mocks Prince William’s ‘alarming’ hair loss in his memoirs

Prince Harry’s soon to be released memoirs have been all over the Internet this past few days and it appears that the former active Royal Family member hasn’t spared any efforts when it comes to leaking secrets about his relatives and the crown.

Prince Harry had a discussion with Prince William at Prince Philip’s funeral

One of the revelations that Prince Harry’s book presents is that apparently Harry had a discussion with William at their grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral, when he expressed to his older brother how William’s resemblance to Princess Diana, their mother.

Harry said that he looked at William, perhaps for the first time since they were little, and called him out on his familiar scowl, that had always been the norm during their interactions together.

Other fragment addressed Prince William’s ‘alarming’ thinning hair, which was more advanced in comparison to Harry’s, even though William is only a couple of years older.

Prince Harry’s memoirs are to be released on January 10

Prince Harry’s memoirs, “Spare”, are to be released on January 10th, with many details about his siblings arousing and even calling his to be King brother, his archnemesis.