Tom Brady vs. Jimmy Garoppolo: Who is the best option for Raiders?

Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo once shared a locker room, but are now virtually competing for a spot, according to NFL pundits Dan Patrick and Albert Breer.

The Las Vegas franchise is reportedly interested in both quarterbacks to replace Derek Carr. Only one, however, will ultimately sign a contract.

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On the Dan Patrick Show, Patrick and Breer both confirmed that the Raiders are looking to acquire Brady.

They have yet to contact Brady because that’s not allowed until after the season ends. The same goes for Garoppolo.

But who would be the better option for Las Vegas moving forward? The San Francisco 49ers no longer want Jimmy G and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will likely do everything to retain Brady. That already says a lot about their value.

Brady vs. Garoppolo for Raiders QB1

Brady, 45, a seven-time Super Bowl champion is currently second in passing yards for the 2022 NFL season, only behind Patrick Mahomes.

His age is obviously a huge factor because it’s always a possibility that he’ll retire after one season, championship ring or not.

Garoppolo, 31, would give the team more time to build a squad around him, but he’s just not Brady and never will be.

The Raiders seemingly already fumbled the bag when it came to signing Brady one time before, so if they have the opportunity again, they can not let it escape them. Brady has already proven that he can win a Super Bowl on his first year with a team. He’s the clear-cut option over Jimmy G.