The sale of OM turns into a fiasco, the lie comes to light

Passionate about sport, cinema and television (on screen and behind it) since childhood, Bernard has been a journalist for 10 Sport since 2018. More skilful with the keyboard in hand than with the ball, he decided to mainly cover a much-loved sport, criticized and hated both (football) and a sport that is not (wrestling).

Following his experience at RC Toulon, Mourad Boudjellal already imagined himself at the head of Olympique de Marseille after embarking on the project to buy Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi during the summer of 2020. Finally, the file was turned into a fiasco, and Boudjellal now wants to turn the page. Now president of Hyères 83 FC, playing in National 2, the Varois has come back to this failure and delivers his version.

On the side of Marseillesthe summer of 2020 was marked by numerous rumors of the sale of theOM by Frank McCourtand one candidate seemed to hold the rope to get their hands on the club: mohamed ayachi Ajroudi. Alongside Mourad Boudjellal, the Franco-Tunisian businessman had plans to buy the Marseille team, with the ambition of installing it among the gratin of Europe. Eventually, the case turned into a fiasco. Since, Boudjellal has indeed converted to football, but at the head of the Hyeres 83 heart rateclub playing in National 2 which will find for its 32nd final of the Coupe de France this Saturday (3:30 p.m.)… theOlympic Marseille. On this occasion, he came back to this major failure, placing the blame on mohamed ayachi Ajroudi.

“I was lied to”

I didn’t want to take anything back at all because I couldn’t afford it. It’s from the past. It’s a story that I regret, I shouldn’t have let myself get into it. But as I say, even Picasso made draftsis justified Mourad Boudjellalin an interview with Provence. It’s my draft to me yes, I’m sorry. Ajroudi is not Kachkar because he has money, he had made a (financial) arrangement. But I was lied to: he told me he was in touch with McCourt, he gave me reports that were false… If I had known all that, I wouldn’t have opened my mouth. I wouldn’t have allowed myself anything. But I was able to realize that OM is not easy to manage. And somewhere I tell myself that things have changed and that things are going well today! Didn’t this story help a little to make McCourt realize the potential he had in his hands? I do not know. »

“I was attributed press releases that I discovered at the same time as the press”

He lied because he never had contact with McCourt, when he assured mealready denounced Boudjellal last weekend in the columns of JDD. The media coverage drove him crazy. I was attributed press releases that I discovered at the same time as the press. Where it was said that the players were bad or that an ultimatum to sell was given. An ultimatum, McCourt has nothing to wax. We were totally delirious, ridiculous. In the end, the former boss of the RCT believes that this failure has been beneficial to him: “ So much the better that it didn’t happen with OM. It was too big to start. I think I would have failed miserably. And that I would have been driven out of Marseilles with tar and feathers. »