Benzema misses the World Cup, a new accusation falls

Expected as one of the major players in the World Cup after obtaining his Ballon d’Or, Karim Benzema ultimately did not play in the World Cup, officially due to injury. But Daniel Riolo makes huge revelations, pointing in particular to the management of Didier Deschamps.

Case management Benzema during the World Cup has not finished making people talk. And for good reason, while the Ballon d’Or expected to play the World Cup, he finally left the gathering of the Blues, before the start of the tournament, officially because of an injury. But Daniel Riolo reveals that the problem is deeper.

Riolo gets loose on the Benzema case

He went to Aspetar (A clinic in Qatar, editor’s note). And indeed, we asked him to resume and force in training when he did not want to, always in his reflection of the perfect knowledge of his body. He forced a little more and he reinjured himself. I had his X-rays, which were leaked on social media, analyzed by sports doctors. And I was told it was a form of relapse. And I was also told that his presence in the round of 16 would have been a risk, but he could have started on the bench. If really there is an urgent need to bring him in, it is possible. But in any case, quarter-final, it is fully operational. Which other team in the world is deprived of a player of the quality of Benzema or a Ballon d’Or because you have to be ready for the first game? Senegal were ready to take Sadio Mané in a wheelchair. Di Maria played at the start of the World Cup, then we didn’t see him and just in the final, just one match, he was the man of the match “, assures the editorialist of RMC Sports at the microphone ofAfter Foot before continuing.

“Deschamps lied to us from A to Z”

When they dismiss Benzema and when in the end the doctor of the France team does not even go to Aspetar and when they take a plane for him at 6 o’clock in the morning, it is all the same a bit strange the way we say to a guy that we call back in the France team “you break in the night”. France goes to the final and finally we forget this story with the emotion aroused. Nevertheless, there is a truth that must be told. Benzema deserved more respect and yet I am not Benzema’s biggest advocate! Objectively, we took him for an idiot. We kicked him out. There were certain tensions and yes some players were not unhappy to see him leave like Griezmann, Lloris or even Giroud. Mbappé, he didn’t care a bit, it made him neither hot nor cold. But yes there are players, executives, who were not unhappy to see him leave. Whether Benzema is there or not, it completely changes Griezmann’s positioning. Deschamps therefore lied to us from A to Z », adds Daniel Riolo.