Josh Allen fight back tears while recalling Damar Hamlin’s incident: “It’s something we’ll never forget”

The incident that could have cost Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin his life during Monday Night Football is one that won’t be forgotten by Bills players, Bengals players or anyone who saw it. It was such a shocking stop that, in the head of Bills superstar QB Josh Allen, it has been replayed over and over again.

During a press conference after today’s Bills practice, Allen spoke about the incident in a very emotional way, so much so that he had to hold back tears as he recalled what happened on MNF.

He struggled to describe his emotions

“The scene plays over and over in your head,” Allen said. “It’s hard to describe how I felt and how my teammates felt at that moment. It’s something we’ll never forget,” he added.

“But to know that Damar is OK, and I know there’s still a lot of things and stuff that he still has to process and keep going through to get back to being himself,” he said, also calling the Hamlin incident “a terrible circumstance that no one expects” and can never be prepared for.

He thanked the medical staff and defended Tee Higgins

‘Allen thanked the Bills’ medical staff for “working like a single-celled symbiote” to save Damar’s life by giving him immediate attention.

He also asked fans not to attack Bengals WR Tee Higgins, who collided with Hamlin on the play and who many blame for causing the cardiac arrest that kept him between life and death.

And he was relieved and pleased by the news of Hamlin’s improvement: “Again, we heard that news this morning, and there’s nothing that could have been said to us to bring our day down,” Allen said. “We’re extremely happy for him and his family.”