Prince Harry confessed to have killed 25 Taliban fighters in second Afghanistan tour

One would think that Prince Harry would never have to deal with the horrors of war simply because he is a high ranking member of the British Royal family. However, he grew up with a sense of patriotism and duty for his country that we don’t often see in privileged people like him. His memoir has been published and many different aspects of his personal life have been revealed. Amongst the most startling revelations is his time in the Afghanistan war at the battle front. In his second tour, Prince Harry remained there for 20 weeks and lived true horrors of the war.

Prince Harry says he wants his father and brother back

It was already known he was part of a unit that saw actual battle but Prince Harry took it a step further with his latest revelations. As it turns out, the Royal Family member actually killed at least 25 Taliban fighters and confessed to see them a no more than chess pieces he needed to eliminate. Prince Harry wrote the following: “You can’t kill people if you see them as people. I instead saw them as chess pieces removed from the board or bad guys eliminated.”

How will people see Prince Harry after this?

The way Prince Harry killed those Taliban fighters was from a helicopter cockpit, he was the one who sometimes fire and sometime flew the aircraft. In 2012, Prince Harry was deployed to Camp Bastion in Southern Afghanistan. Sometimes he just needed to provide air assistance to the International Security Assistance Force and Afghan forces operating throughout Helmand Province. There are two ways he can be regarded after this information was revealed. A portion of Britain will see him as a killer and another portion of Britain will regard him as a patriot for what he did.