Damar Hamlin opened his eyes last night and ‘has shown remarkable improvement’ in the last 24 hours

Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin, has shown “remarkable improvement over the past 24 hours”, the team announced this Thursday, while adding that the update came from the University of Cincinnati’s Medical Center team of physicians that have been taking care of him since Monday night.

The Bills added that despite the player still being critically ill, he appears to have dodged any neurological damage, as his lungs continue to heal at the moment and he continues to make progress in his recovery, adding they are greatful as an organization for the love and support they’ve received.

Damar Hamlin is awake and holds his family’s hands

Per the agent of Damar Hamlin, Rob Butler, who spoke to CNN, the Bills player is awake and has been holding hands with family members for the first time since suffering an on the field cardiac arrest, while playing on Monday Night Football.