Mercato Mercato – OM: Gerson at the heart of a controversy, he receives a big message

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This Tuesday, Gerson formalized his return to Flamengo after a stint of just over a year at OM. The midfielder returns to his former club. And for some journalists, this return is synonymous with failure for the player, who had tried the European challenge. Vice-president of Flamengo, Marcos Braz wanted to defend his new recruit.

Gerson returns to familiar territory. After a mixed spell at theOMthe midfielder has reunited with one of his former clubs, Flamengo. The player is committed with the formation of Rio de Janeiro until 2027. But this arrival does not only make people happy. Brazilian journalist Ana Thaís Matos sees this comeback as a failure. According to her, Gerson made the easy choice by joining Flamengo. Statements, which sparked controversy in Brazil. The young woman was the target of insults on social networks and had to explain herself on Tuesday.

At the heart of the controversy, the journalist explains

We did an analysis of the market of Brazilian athletes in Europe. The analysis was not about what he would do in Brazil, but about how the Brazilian market is a comfort zone and ends up frustrating a lot of expectations about the real potential of Brazilian players. At no time did I say it was regrettable to play for Team A or Team B.” said Ana Thais Matos in comments reported by Bolavip.

Flamengo steps up

Present in front of the media on Tuesday, the vice-president of Flamengo, Marcos Brazinsisted on defending Gerson and meet the young reporter. ” Gerson’s situation is as follows, he worked in Europe, a season with 11 goals and 10 assists, he contributed a lot to take OM to the Champions League. The player may want to return to play in Brazil, in a club where he goes. win well, be able to win titles. OM also understood that he was working there, and that’s why he did not facilitate the arrival of Gerson confided the manager.