Cristiano Ronaldo kicked out Jorge Mendes!

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Considered the best player in the world, even in history, by some, Cristiano Ronaldo had a brilliant career. The Portuguese has piled up goals and trophies, he who has been crowned Ballon d’Or five times. A golden career for this hard worker. But in recent months, the 37-year-old striker has been in controversy. At Manchester United, his relations were not very good with Ralf Rangnick. His successor, Erik ten Hag, did not find favor in his eyes either. After multiple clashes, CR7 finally left the Red Devils free this winter after his punchy interview given to Piers Morgan.

While he hoped to shine again during the World Cup, the center-forward was downgraded to selection. A great friend of the player until then, Fernando Santos did not appreciate his behavior at all and put him on the bench. Relations between the two men thus soured. This is also the case of Jorge Mendes. Historic agent of Cristiano Ronaldo, he has moved hand in hand with him on the path to success. But in recent months, their relationship has deteriorated. Last month, AS revealed that the two men were cold and that CR7 no longer listened exclusively to its official representative.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez would be on the verge of separation!

CR7 dismissed Mendes for good

The Spanish media had mentioned a “crack“. Now we can talk about divorce since the 37-year-old player has decided not to follow the advice of the boss of Gestifute, who had another plan for the end of the career of his hen with the golden eggs. But Cristiano Ronaldo decided on his own to join Al Nassr this winter. A surprising transfer for the Portuguese who had repeatedly declared that he would not go into exile in exotic championships. But this choice belongs to the player who dismissed, or even even fired Jorge Mendes.

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Portuguese media Journal de Noticias explains that the two men, who considered themselves a bit like father and son, separated after the famous interview given to Piers Morgan. The 37-year-old footballer demanded to take control of his future and approached a lawyer and especially Ricardo Regufe, former representative of Nike in Portugal and close to CR7 since the 2000s, so that he could discuss with Al Nassr. An offer that was initially made to Mendes, who did not appreciate this maneuver.

The 2022 summer transfer window was the beginning of the end

The Athletic also reveals behind the scenes of the separation between the two men. CR7 would not have appreciated at all that his agent did not find him a club last summer when he wanted to leave MU. For his part, the super agent advised his player to stay at Man U while winning under the orders of Ten Hag. He did not understand why his foal refused to accept that he had no interesting offer from a club playing in the Champions League. This was obviously the beginning of the end. Now, the divorce is indeed consummated between the two men, who nevertheless remain linked since the management of commercial contracts and image rights of CR7 are still entrusted to Polaris Sports, a company attached to Gestifute. CR7, who would also be on the verge of separation with his partner Georgina Rodriguez, is cleaning up around him!

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