Tom Brady vs. LeBron James: QB isn’t content to play with his kids, he wants to face his grandkids in playoffs

It’s no mystery to anyone that among the great strengths that have made Tom Brady one of the best, if not the best NFL player of all time, is his ability to dream big and visualize himself in wonderful situations. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback took that concept to an absolutely different level by seeing himself active in the NFL with one of his direct line descendants.

The big surprise was that in his latest remarks on the Let’s Go! Podcast along with co-host Jim Gray and legendary former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, he did not mention in that visualization any of his three children: 15-year-old Jack, 13-year-old Benjamin and 10-year-old Vivian.

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Tom Brady’s impossible dream

“One day. One day when I do have grandkids. Hopefully, that’s a long time from now, but, yeah, maybe I’ll just actually, maybe I’ll face one of ’em at some point in the playoffs,” Brady said. “That’s possible, too.”

Clearly the seven-time Super Bowl winner said this in a joking tone, in response to a question from Gray in which he asked if he envisioned himself telling his epic NFL exploits to his grandchildren in the future.

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But Gray wasn’t satisfied with that answer, as he questioned the ex-husband of Brazilian top model Gisele Bndchen about whether he dreams the same as LeBron James, who has repeatedly said he wants to share an NBA locker room with his son Bronny, who is already in high school, unlike TB12’s children.

Tom Brady’s goal to beat LeBron James’ dream

“We’ll see. As my friend says, the future happens a day at a time. So that’s where I’m at right now,” Brady said.

It is worth remembering that Tom Brady is 45 years old and is currently finishing his 23rd season in the NFL.