Veronika Rajek’s secret message that she won’t give up on winning Tom Brady’s heart

Rumors of a love affair between Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Miss Slovakia 2016, Veronika Rajek, have really lacked substance as the seven-time Super Bowl winner has never responded to the hints or even direct messages of love that about him have been generated by the beautiful Fashionnova ambassador.

However, that doesn’t mean that Rajek has given up on his clear intention to get the attention of the former New England Patriots passer, such is the case not only with the latest photos supporting the Bucs’ playoff berth. In addition, in his latest Instagram post prior to the new year there is a message that went unnoticed.

Veronika Rajek gushing over Tom Brady? Model throws a football at the beach@veronikarajek

Veronika Rajek’s plan to conquer Tom Brady

“2023 will be unforgettable and full of changes,” Rajek wrote. However, after that post on Instagram she followed it with #12 a heart emoji after which she wrote #new#months.

It is a fact that the message refers at first glance to the 12 months that follow in 2023, however, a heart and #12 may also have the message of love for Brady who all his life has been widely recognized for using that number on his jerseys both on the Pats and Bucs.

This is Veronika Rajek, the gorgeous model who has confessed her love for Tom BradyM.C.

Tom Brady’s sentimental situation after his divorce with Gisele Bndchen

It should be recalled that TB12 divorced last Friday, October 28, from Brazilian top model Gisele Bndchen, legally ending 13 years of marriage with the former Victoria’s Secret Angel and that, since then, Brady has not been seen dating any other woman, at least in public.

As far as his sports activity is concerned, Brady and Tampa Bay defeated the Carolina Panthers last Sunday, with that result they won the NFC South championship and will play the Wild Card Round at Raymond James Stadium against either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Dallas Cowboys.