Liverpool get slaughtered in England, Adrien Rabiot has a golden offer

Liverpool’ stung by the Bees!

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In England, Liverpool lost to Brentford (3-1). Enough to stop the Reds’ rise in the Premier League standings, since they are now 7th, just ahead of their evening opponent. This Tuesday, the news is making headlines in the tabloids with the DailyMail which is in the play on words by titling: “ Klopp is stung by the Bees “. the DailyMirror also enjoys it, Pique “, Placard the newspaper on its front page Sport. It’s a bit the same thing on the cover of the Sun this morning with stinger to designate this blow to Liverpool. This defeat also made the headlines of the Daily Express which reports the statements of the Reds coach after the lost meeting. Jürgen Klopp admitted that his team would have to face a big battle to finish in the top 4, and that it would be far from easy…

Maman Rabiot, what offer »

Adrien Rabiot makes the front page of The Gazzetta dello Sport this Tuesday. The Frenchman’s extension has been one of Juve’s big goals for several weeks, and according to the pink paper newspaper, it’s a hell of a proposal that should arrive on the negotiating table. “ Maman Rabiot, what offer », title thus The Gazzetta who adds that Juve are “ standing up, to avoid farewells ! To convince the player and his mother and agent, La Vieille Dame would offer him a salary of €7 million per season, a figure similar to what he already receives, but with around €1 million in bonuses, easily achievable. In addition, as he will be free at the end of the season, he would also receive a signing bonus, the amount of which remains secret for the moment. It remains to be seen what the Rabiot clan will choose. On the side of Juventus, we still fear that the call from England will crack the middle of the Blues.

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Silva sees his future far from City!

On the Manchester City side, the future of one of the team’s executives is reacting. This is Bernardo Silva who spoke about the continuation of the adventure with the Skyblues, as reported by the Manchester Evening News. Statements that wreak havoc on his future. He notably mentioned his desire to return to his training club Benfica. “ I want to come back to Benfica to help and I have to feel ready. If it’s to hang up my crampons, I’d rather not go. […] If you ask me what I thought ten years ago, my goal was to return to Benfica at 32 at the latest. “A continuation and an end to his career in Portugal seems to be looming even Silva leaves the door open to any possibility. “ I don’t hide from you that my goal in recent years, if something good happens elsewhere, will probably be to go to a new project. »

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