Prince Harry wants to patch things up with King Charles III and Prince William

Even as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle very openly express their frustrations with the royal family, the Duke of Sussex is seeking to bridge the significant split with them and now says he’s appealing for unity with them.

While promoting his upcoming memoir, “Spare,” Harry is speaking up about the ongoing conflict. He told the UK’s ITV that he wants his father and brother back in his life and that he doesn’t think things had to turn out the way they did.

Harry claims that his family is to blame for the significant problems because they continue to portray Meghan and him as the bad guys. Additionally, he asserts that neither King Charles nor Prince William have shown any sign of wanting to make amends.

Prince Harry appearing in 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper

Prince Harry also spoke with Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes,” claiming that he had tried to handle internal problems in private but that the information would eventually leak and make him look terrible.

He keeps making the same accusations. Behind the scenes, Buckingham Palace provided information to media outlets, but officially it played the “no comment” card.

A lot of Harry and Meghan’s perspective on the royal drama was revealed in a recent Netflix documentary, including bitter feuds and online death threats. Harry said that William broke his agreement not to share anything on him.