These players who burst the screen at the World Cup

Footballer almost failed, I chose journalism because it is the only profession that allows you to criticize those who have succeeded. After realizing my dream of competing in the 2010 World Cup (in the press box), I live from my passion with the transfer window and major sporting events as a second family.

The 22nd edition of the biggest mass in the world of football took place during the months of November and December 2022 in Qatar for the happiness of round leather lovers. During this period of pure spectacle, the teams impressed the general public with collective performances, but also with key individuals who were their strength. Several players made it rain or shine during this month to showcase all the magic of the king sport.

The eternal Lionel Messi

It has been over a decade since Lionel Messi is at the forefront of world football and nothing seems to be able to stop it. Considered one of the greatest players in the history of football, the artist threw all his strength into battle to finally stroke the Holy Grail that refused him and made his trophy cabinet incomplete. During this World Cup, the Argentinian held his role as leader of the Albiceleste and showed that he still had juice in his legs.

He graced his audience with his one-man show several times during the competition by ridiculing one of the best players in the world. (Robert Lewandowski) and forcing him to commit a fault. His vision of the game and his passes from elsewhere have done a lot of good to his team and to all football lovers. Now it’s time for the resumption of the championships with the opportunity to bet and follow your favorite teams whatever the continent.

The prodigy Kyllian Mbappé

If a player came within a hair’s breadth of stealing the show at Lionel Messi during this World Cup, it is of course the Frenchman Kyllian Mbappé. The native of Bondy almost single-handedly carried the France team decimated by the numerous injuries of its major executives.

He ran, dribbled, scored and scored during the World Cup which he hoped would be the second title of his selection career. The maturity shown by the striker Paris Saint Germain pinned down all the people who put forward his ego and his ambition to always shine alone. Many Internet users felt that Mbappé deserved the title of best player in the Qatar 2022 World Cup more than Lionel Messi.

The tireless Sofyan Amrabat

The Moroccan Sofyan Amrabat showed at this world a level that we had never seen in the past. The midfielder did an impeccable job in his area of ​​the field, but also in central defense when he came to support Saiss. He is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful surprises of the competition. Its market value has also increased considerably since the end of the competition.

Beyond the sparkling physical level he showed during the World Cup, Amrabat showed an excellent technical level to accompany the oiled collective of his team. The maturity with which he and his teammates handled the comebacks after opposing attacking assaults left the whole world speechless. It is now part of the history of the biggest football event in the world.

Return of Ziyech

The best Moroccan player over the last 4 years had disappeared from the radar for quite a while due to his low playing time on the pitch at chelsea and his absence in selection. Everyone was waiting for him for his big comeback and he was there. He dazzled the public with his reading of the game, his passes that break the lines and his gestures from another planet. With Ashraf Hakimi, they formed an “offensive” duo of fire and terrorized the defenses they faced.

Other surprise players from this World Cup

Beyond the 4 players mentioned above, other footballers scored points during this World Cup. Points that will probably serve them for the rest of their career. Of course, we can cite Antoine Griezmann who will have made successful matches in his position throughout the world. Or Julian Alvarez, young Argentinian unexpected as holder within the Albiceleste and who will be revealed throughout the tournament, in particular by his stalls to allow Léo Messi to be less marked by opposing defenders. Finally, although his team stopped in the quarter-finals, the Portuguese Goncalo Ramos was also a nice surprise with his hat-trick scored against Switzerland (6-1 in the end) during the competition. While he had only played 30 minutes with the Portuguese selection so far. It is very likely that the future will be bright for these last 2 players.