Ireland Baldwin to make famous dad Alec a grandpa as she announces first pregnancy

The actor Alec Baldwin will become a grandfather. His daughter Ireland Baldwin, who he had with actress Kim Basinger, announced on Instagram that she is expecting her first child with her partner, musician Andr Allen Anjos, better known as RAC. Ireland, 27, and RAC, 37, revealed the news through their social network on the last day of 2022.

The couple posted an image of the ultrasound they performed on Ireland, along with the caption “Happy New Year .” This is the first child for the couple, who have been dating for just over a year.

Ireland isn’t bothered by her dad’s other children

A few months ago, Ireland commented that she doesn’t care that her famous dad and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, already have seven children, something that has haunted hundreds of fans on social media who have criticized the couple for having so many children.

“Lastly, I get countless messages from people who are like alarmingly obsessed with my dad and his family,” Ireland wrote a few months ago. “I think a lot of people assume my opinion on some of this, well, here it is for free: none of my business.”

Ireland said she doesn’t “care” about the fact that her father is still having more children because she’s too focused on her life in Oregon with her boyfriend.

She leads a good life with her partner, away from Hollywood

“I smoke weed, eat good food and take care of MY business,” continued Ireland, who added that she’s a model, a screenwriter and adopts dogs because “people also love to get into what I do for a living.”

On that occasion, Ireland ended the note by thanking the fans who always support her: “All that matters is that I approve of myself, and I feel damn good. I’m very grateful and I’m very lucky to be where I am.”

The criticism to her dad and his wife is because of their great offspring: Carmen, Mara Luca, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, Eduardo and Ilaria.