King Charles’ rumoured secret son Simon Charles Dorante-Day thinks Queen Elizabeth’s death presents an opportunity

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, the man who has repeatedly claimed to be an ignored son of Charles Windsor, has talked about what will happen to the Royal Family now that Queen Elizabeth II has passed.

Elizabeth died at the beginning of September 2022, and that means that Charles became the king by ascending to the thrown.

That adds yet another dimension to Dorante-Day‘s claims as being the unclaimed son of the king is more noteworthy than being the unclaimed son of a prince.

No contact

Dorante-Day claims that Charles and Camilla had him during a trip to Australia before they were officially a couple, but he has never received any contact or attention from his supposed father.

Through his social media, Dorante-Day has stressed several times that he is King Charles‘ son and that he will not rest until he builds up enough pressure for the head of state to take a DNA test and confirm that he is the Australian man’s father.

Now, with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Dorante-Day‘s tactics could change, as he recently stated “Absolutely, I certainly have plans for next year and a fresh approach!” to a question from one of his followers about how close he is to discovering the truth.

“Some of it takes time because everything has a priority, but there’s already a lot happening on a lot of different fronts on any given day!” wrote the Aussie, who added that “a lot has changed! So, it’s constantly changing, doesn’t mean it’s not happening!” referring to the queen’s death.

In 2021, Dorante-Day opened a guitar shop in his hometown in Queensland called Royal Riffs, but even this hasn’t deterred him from his goal, as he told 7NEWS that he is not intimidated by the “mountain” he has to climb to get to King Charles.