Texas Longhorns’ HC Steve Sarkisian goes mad with an assistant: “Don’t f****n’ touch me again”

People who are close to Texas Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian should be very careful not to touch him or they run the risk of being insulted for anything. That’s what happened to an ESPN assistant prior to the Alamo Bowl, who, for touching the coach with his arms, received a great deal of shouting and insults.

Before the team walked out onto the field for the Alamo Bowl, an ESPN assistant made eye contact with Sarkisian as he approached the edge of the tunnel and said something to him. The coach nodded back.

Trouble erupted as he was touched

As he usually does before every game, the coach stepped in front of his players to lead them out, but the production assistant held up his hands to make sure Sarkisian didn’t run onto the field just yet.

At that moment his hands crossed the coach’s chest, and that was enough for him to burst out in insults and expletives: “Don’t you ever touch me again, motherfucker. Get your fucking hands off me,” Sarkisian shouted at the person, unaware that his reaction was being recorded.

Sarkisian is known for being a disruptive coach

The Longhorns are Sarkisian’s third team as head coach, after stints at Washington and USC. The latter fired him in 2015 for violating the school’s zero tolerance policy for alcohol consumption.

Before being fired, the Los Angeles Times reported that Sarkisian had already been involved in alcohol-related trouble during his time at Washington.

The coach entered a rehabilitation center, and after stints as an assistant at Alabama and the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, Sarkisisian signed a six-year contract with Texas in January 2021.

Sarkisian finished the season with an 8-5 record, and was defeated by Washington in the Alamo Bowl by a score of 27-20, in what was his first bowl appearance with the Longhorns.