Jerry Jones denies T.O. and his intentions for a Cowboys return: “I have not spoken to him or his agent”

Terrell Owens has a very good public relations team, so much so that even he believed his own version that he could return to play for the Dallas Cowboysafter talking to team owner Jerry Jones. The problem is that the call never happened. This is what Jones himself reported on a radio program.

In recent days, Terrell Owens, 49, has been making noise about his alleged attempt to return to play in the NFL. And the first team that, according to Owens’ agent, was interested and with whom he had talks was Dallas, whose deal supposedly fell through because they did not understand each other on the salary of the also former San Francisco 49ers star.

Jones made things very clear

Jerry Jones constantly appears on Dallas radio, particularly on station 105.3 The Fan, and there he was asked what had happened with the negotiations between him and Owens, to which Jones bluntly attacked: “I’ve never spoken to him or his agent and I won’t seriously consider it,” Jones said. “I have never spoken to him.”

That contradicts the account of Owens’ agent, Gregory D.L. Daniel, who a couple of days ago said Owens and Jones had been in “constant communication” about a possible deal.

“We have been in constant communication with Jerry Jones’ office in recent days about the possibility of him returning to the Cowboys,” Daniel said. “Terrell is ready to contribute and play any role, big or small. He’s in outstanding shape. His appearance is no different than it was years ago. I saw him run full-speed routes with DeSean [Jackson] and he looked great. He didn’t drop a pass.

“He ran a 4.5 40-yard dash recently, which was his warm-up. He’s a legend. We want to make history and see him break those records. If anyone can do it, he can. His three D’s are desire, dedication and discipline. He embodies that every day, even running hills at 3 a.m. on Christmas.

Owens hasn’t played in more than 12 years

Although he’s apparently in good physical condition, Terrell Owens hasn’t stepped on a soccer field since 2010, when he finished his career playing for the Cincinnati Bengals.

He is even already a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, and in his career he had 1,078 receptions, 15,934 yards and 153 touchdowns. He ranks third in NFL history in receptions and yards per reception.