Mercato Mercato – OM: Longoria completes a transfer of €10m, it turns into a fiasco

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In search of a successor to Arkadiusz Milik, loaned to Juventus, OM have set their sights on Luis Suarez. A scorer regularly announced in the viewfinder of Pablo Longoria in recent years. To get their hands on the Colombian international, the Marseille club had spent nearly €10m this summer. But the passage of the player was a real failure as recognized by the president of OM.

On paper, Luis Suarez had everything to please OM supporters. Despite some difficult seasons in Spain, the Colombian international has undeniable qualities as a finisher, but also a resentment specific to South American players. Recruited against a check for €10m during the last summer transfer window, the striker had made a success of his debut, scoring twice in his first appearance in League 1 facing Reims Stadium.

Longoria admits his mistake

But despite this performance, Luis Suarez has never been among the first choices of‘Igor Tudor, mainly due to competition. Present at a press conference last November, Pablo Longoria had also recognized problems of adaptation. ” Not all players have the same adaptability, the situation was quickly difficult for Suarez. When you make a mistake, you make a mistake, you have to recognize it and quickly find the best possible solution. ” had declared the president of theOM.

Luis Suarez already on loan at Almeria

In hindsight, Luis Suarez looks like a casting error. A few months after his arrival at theOMthe Colombian international was already leaving Marseilles. The striker is back in Spain, Almería, where he was loaned out until the end of the season with an €8m purchase option. In other words, we will certainly no longer see Luis Suarez under the shirt ofOM. Back in La Liga, he wants to use his time in France to keep progressing.

“We are entering a new stage and it is time to take on new challenges”

We are entering a new stage and it is time to take on new challenges. During these months I had the opportunity to play in one of the biggest leagues and make my debut in the Champions League, experiences and learning that I will never forget. I would like to thank all these people and all my teammates for the support and trust they have given me during these months. thank you very much for everything ” confided the 25-year-old player, who will not leave a great memory with Marseille supporters.