Lionel Messi posts emotional New Year tribute to his family and all his supporters

For over 15 years, Lionel Messi started his World Cup journey in that Argentina game against Serbia where he even scored a goal. Since then, he never stopped believing he could conquer the most desired trophy by any footballer. Now tht he finally got it, Leo has been partying for two straight weeks. He is set to report with PSG on Monday but he wanted to send out a New Year’s message to everybody.

Messi thanks his family before enybody

Leo posted a beautiful picture where he appears with his wife Antonella and his three sons. Thiago, Mateo and Siro are the ones who give him the strength he needs to continue fighting. This is what he wrote on Instagram: “A year I will never forget comes to an end. The dream I always pursued was finally fulfilled. But that wouldn’t be worth anything if I couldn’t share it with a wonderful family, the best family anybody can have. And friends who always support me and never let me stay down every time I fell.

“I also want to keep a very special memory to everybody who follow and support me, being able to share this journey with you is incredible. Getting to where I am today would be impossible without all that support from people from my country, Paris, Barcelona and so many cities from mamy countries from where I receive all that love. I hope this year has also been wonderful for everybody and I wish all the health and strength to continue being happy in 2023. A massive hug for everybody!”

Don’t count Messi out just yet

Even though he already stated that he probably won’t be active for the 2026 World Cup, Leo Messi still dominated the biggest stage at the age of 35. Cristiano Ronaldo might’ve thrown the towel but Messi seems like he is only getting started. The next coupe of years will get us to experience the twilight of his career without that added pressure of not having won a World Cup yet. He will only enjoy himself and likely deliver more memorable nights. Stay tuned for what he does in 2023.