Pelé, a Maradonesque private life

More renowned for his technical gestures on the ball than for his escapades off the field, Pelé, who died Thursday at 82, however led a tumultuous private life to say the least.

Without committing the excesses of another legend, Diego Maradona, whose career and life were undermined by addictions, the King had a turbulent life punctuated by (many) female conquests. In total, the former Santos star has been married three times and is the father of 7 “official” children. Among them, three were born from his first marriage with Rosemeri Cholbi: Kelly Cristina in 1967, Edinho in 1970 and Jennifer in 1978.

Sandra, the girl the King did not want

Also the father of Flavia Christina Kurtz, born in 1968 from an extramarital affair, the Brazilian then divorced to marry the psychologist and gospel singer Assiria Lemos Seixas, with whom he had the twins Joshua and Celeste in 1996. The case of the first child of the man with more than 1,000 goals is more complicated. Indeed, Sandra Machado was born in 1963, before her first marriage, therefore, from a relationship without a future with a cleaning lady. Pelé never wanted to recognize this paternity but the ex-politician, who died of cancer in 2006, began a long legal battle. After 5 years of procedures and 13 calls from the star, Pelé was officially recognized as her father in 1996. Some have criticized the attitude of the triple world champion, who has never deigned to even meet her. Moreover, the Auriverde recognized in a documentary broadcast by Netflix in 2021 to have had “so many affairs that he didn’t know how many children [il avait].“Words that may have shocked.

Edinho, the problem son

The King also had a love affair with twists and turns with singer and host Xuxa in the 1980s. Legend has it that Pelé went in person to the premises of Playboy magazine to have his sweetheart’s charming photos removed. , who had collaborated with the magazine ! If Pelé never married the artist, he did however marry a third time in 2016 with Marcia Cibele Aoki, of Japanese origin and younger than 25 years.

The myth reputation was also dogged by the behavior of his son Edinho, who grew up for several years without his father and who never really broke through as a goalkeeper at Santos, eventually putting the gloves away at 29. Involved in a street race that resulted in the accidental death of a biker, the 52-year-old man saw his name linked to several drug trafficking cases and went through prison. A way of remembering that Pelé and his entourage have not been spared by controversy.