Hamilton: Mercedes are still the best team

Lewis Hamilton never ceases to attract attention. Neither when he is on the track, nor off it. Neither in the middle of the Formula 1 season, nor in offseason.

The seven-time F1 champion has posted a video on social media in which he can be seen running through the streets of Buenos Aires.

Wearing sunglasses and dressed in white cap and red shirt, Hamilton posted a message in which he made it clear that it is the first time he visits the country. His visit comes just more than a week after Argentina won the 2022 World Cup.

“First time in Argentina, such a beautiful place,” Hamilton said.

Lewis Hamilton decided to take some time off after an extremely complicated season. His Mercedes W13 was a car with which he could not compete against Red Bull and Ferrari. He did not win a single race, nor was he able to shine at any moment.

This is something unusual for a driver who has won as many titles as legendary Michael Schumacher and has recorded 103 victories, as well as 103 pole positions so far in his career.

Lewis is on a roll

The good thing for Hamilton is that Mercedes progressed to the point where they managed to outperform Ferrari as George Russell was able to win in Brazil.

“It is the most important thing for us to have this result,” Hamilton noted.

“This is a massive boost to the whole team’s morale.

“Going into the winter, the team knows that we’re on the right track. And we are still the best team. We will get back to having this more consistent I think next year and I’m excited for that battle.

“For a long, long period of time, we couldn’t really, truly understand what the problem was or how to fix it.

“And it was difficult, because we kept trying and trying and trying and every time something new came, we still had the problems we had. So this is really, really huge.

“We know where our North Star is, we know where we need to put all our efforts in to this winter.”

Retiring with an eighth title

Hamilton’s goal is clear. He wants to win an eighth title to distinguish himself as the most successful driver in F1 history.

“I think retiring as world champion is a dream for all sportsmen, and that includes me,” he said as reported by Bild.

“I know how hard it is to be at the top and stay there. We want to get back to the top. The end of the season gave us a lot of hope. The last races showed a positive trend and proved that we can be competitive everywhere.”