Mercato Mercato – PSG: Rabiot, why a return is possible

Successful with the France team at the World Cup, Adrien Rabiot could be one of the big players in the transfer window. His contract with Juventus ends in just a few months and if we stick to the latest indiscretions from Italy, an extension is very complicated to consider. Thus, those around him would like to find him a new club and a return to Paris Saint-Germain would be a very popular option.

Between Adrien Rabiot and the PSG, the story is quite turbulent and the two did not really leave on very good terms in 2019. However, they could soon find themselves, with the midfielder who is once again approaching the end of his contract!

An inevitable departure?

On the side of the Juventus, we would like to keep Adrian Rabiot, especially the trainer Massimiliano Allegri, but the dice seem already cast. He is in effect at nearly 7.5M€ and to sign a new contract he would demand a revaluation of around 10M€. Not possible for Bianconeri, who seek instead to reduce their payroll. Recently asked about his future in Turin, the main interested party preferred to kick in touch. ” Will it be at the end of my contract at Juve? I do not know » had declared Rabiot from Qatar.

His mother has been working for several months on a return to PSG

His entourage does not really help matters, since from the last transfer window it was towards a departure that the clan seemed to be heading Rabiot. This is particularly the case of Veronique Rabiot, mother and agent of the French international, who would have renewed contact with the PSG after the departure of Leonardo. Since then, she would try to convince Luis Campos to give a chance to his son, who in recent months has multiplied very high level performances and has established himself as an executive of theFrench team.