Victor Wembanyama finds the idea of NBA teams ‘tanking’ for him, unreasonable

The first pick in the 2023 NBA draft already has an owner despite this season not even being halfway done, due to the incredible physique, ball handling and shooting skills by Victor Wembanyama, a young French player just above 18 years old, that many believe is a generational talent like no other.

Many around the NBA think that some teams might begin to tank this season, in order to boost their chances at landing Wembanyama in the draft lottery, which favors the worst teams of the year.

What does Victor Wembanyama think about NBA teams tanking for him?

Victor Wembanyama talked to Le Parisien in France and was asked about his thoughts on NBA teams potentially tanking in order to improve their possibility of adding him in the draft.

But Wembanyama said that the tanking strategy is a weird one for him.

“I find it unreasonable, and I try not to think about it. I also heard that the NBA considered changing a few rules for me, but that doesn’t concern me.”

The 7-foot-3 player currently plays for Metropolitans 92, a team from Paris in the French league, where he averages 22.9 points, 9.6 rebounds and 3 blocks per game.

If the season ended today, the favorites to land the number one draft pick in the lottery would be the Detroit Pistons, the Charlotte Hornets, the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs.