Barbara Walters’ athletes in her legendary ’10 Most Fascinating People’ list were few but outstanding

Throughout her extraordinary career as a television journalist, Barbara Walters stood out for her interviews, in which she managed to make the interviewee feel in confidence, who ended up opening up with her and usually revealing a very intimate part of his or her life.

Although Walters was more known for her interviews and reports on political and entertainment personalities, sports were no stranger to her, and she did dozens of interviews with great sports figures.

Several athletes among her 10 Most Fascinating People

From 1993 to 2015, the legendary journalist published her list Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People, in which several stars of the sports world appeared.

Of those 10 fascinating personalities for Walters, each year she named one as the most fascinating and interesting of the year. In those 21 years, only two athletes achieved that honor: Lance Armstrong (1999) and Caitlyn Jenner (2015), who that year made the gender transition from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn.

These are the athletes Walters highlighted in his famous list:

  • 1993 Shaquille O’Neal (basketball player).
  • 1994 Oksana Baiul and Viktor Petrenko (figure skaters), Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner)
  • 1995 Monica Seles (tennis player)
  • 1996 Oksana Baiul (figure skater), Dennis Rodman (basketball player), Kerry Strug (gymnast)
  • 1997 Tiger Woods (golfer)
  • 1998 Mark McGwire (baseball player)
  • 1999 Joe Torre (baseball manager), Lance Armstrong (cyclist)
  • 2002 Sarah Hughes (figure skater)
  • 2003 LeBron James (basketball player)
  • 2004 Curt Schilling (baseball player)
  • 2005 Lance Armstrong (cyclist)
  • 2006 Andre Agassi (tennis player)
  • 2007 David Beckham (soccer player)
  • 2008 Michael Phelps (swimmer)
  • 2009 Brett Favre (football player)
  • 2010 Tiger Woods (golfer), LeBron James (basketball player)
  • 2011 Derek Jeter (baseball player)
  • 2012 Gabrielle Douglas (gymnast)
  • 2014 Michael Strahan (football player)
  • 2015 Ronda Rousey (MMA fighter), Caitlyn Jenner (Olympic decathlete)