Mercato Mercato – PSG: Big battle for this crack of the World Cup

This Monday, Mohamed Kudus hit hard in Qatar during the World Cup. Against South Korea, the midfielder scored twice. It was enough to confirm all its potential already shown at Ajax Amsterdam. Something to interest the biggest European clubs like PSG, but not only…

At Qatarsince the start of the world Cup, many players are revealed to all. This is the case of mohamed kuduswhich usually shines in the jersey of theAjax Amsterdam. Currently, it is the delight of Ghanaas was the case with the korea Southa meeting during which the 22-year-old midfielder scored twice.

PSG is on the move…

Excellent since the start of the season with theAjax Amsterdam and now with Ghana, Mohamed Kudus interests the biggest European clubs. Thus, according to the latest information from 90minLuis Campos would have a close eye on the performances of Kudus. Could its future then be written in PSG ?

… but is not alone for Kudus

However, other options are available to mohamed kudus for the rest of his career. As developed by 90minthe Borussia DortmundI’Atletico de Madrid, Naples and theOL would also be on the lookout for the playerAjax Amsterdam. The battle promises to be tough.