Mercato Mercato – PSG: Campos can believe it for this colossal transfer

Strongly interested in Jude Bellingham, Luis Campos received a lot of good news from Spain. Indeed, Real Madrid could change their minds to recruit the Englishman following the colossal demands of Borussia Dortmund. PSG knows the price to pay, Real should not offer as much but beware of the player’s decision.

Luis Campos is preparing the next summer transfer window, and it promises to be hot. For several weeks, the PSG fights at a distance with the Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City to recruit Jude Bellingham. The market value of the midfielder is exploding and it could smile on the PSG. the Real would not be ready to respond to requests for Dortmund.

“The transaction could amount to 150 M€”

The Spanish journalist Ramon Alvarez provided an update on the progress of the file bellingham in a video posted on Youtube. Good news for the PSGthe Real would have been cooled. ” I was very optimistic for Bellingham at Real Madrid because that’s what I perceived a month and a half ago. However, over time, it’s not that I’m more pessimistic, but I accept or resign myself a little more to the fact that signing will be very complicated. Bellingham’s signing won’t be stopped because clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool and PSG are in on it. But simply because these clubs would be willing to pay an amount that does not correspond to what Real Madrid had planned. According to the information I have, the deal could amount to 150 million euros, which would make signing Bellingham the most expensive signing in Real Madrid history. I don’t know if Real are at the point of considering Bellingham a blessed exception like Mbappé was or was going to be Haaland, that is to say a player for whom there is no price and that you have to pay what they ask for. My feeling is that Real Madrid don’t think about spending that much. It was a signing more in line with Tchouaméni, around 80-100 million, at the most with variables for 110-120, but not up to 150 he analyzed.

Bellingham can still change everything

Everything could be in the hands of the player, because if he has the determination to come to Real Madrid, it could create a complicated situation for Borussia Dortmund. continues the Spanish journalist. Lately, he hasn’t given his preference to PSG. To be continued…