Judge appears smoking and half-naked in the middle of a virtual hearing

The Internet is full of all sorts of ‘interesting’ stuff, both good and bad. This Thursday, a judge was conducting a virtual hearing, when suddenly her camera was activated exposing her lying on her bed, virtually naked, and smoking. The incident occurred in Colombia during a trial concerning the possible release of a prisoner.

Working from home has been a common phenomenon since the pandemic, with millions of people swapping the office for their bedrooms over the past few years. Although many bosses were against employees working from home at the beginning, most have generally come to accept it. This video will certainly be used as evidence by all those skeptical bosses who don’t trust their colleagues working remotely.

There was plenty of indignation on social media after this particular video went viral. “These virtual hearings are already a disgrace; they should be in person. They should assume with responsibility the positions they have; you can see the lack of respect for the profession, the little respect for those involved in the poor country with these judges,” said a citizen.

The protagonist has been suspended for three months.