OM: Flamengo wins over Gerson case


A Flamengo manager, interested in a return of Gerson, criticized Olympique de Marseille’s position on the Brazilian midfielder.

Gerson OM Marseille

Bought by Olympique de Marseille in the summer of 2021 for a check for 20 million euros, will Gerson return to Flamengo? It is the envy of the 25-year-old midfielder, who took advantage of the international break linked to the 2022 World Cup to return to Brazil. Behind the scenes, the two clubs are working to find an agreement, but the discussions are not progressing. While the Marseille leaders intend to recover the sum of 20 million euros, the Auriverde team only wants to pay 16 million euros for the ex-member of AS Roma, also targeted by West Ham United and two teams Spanish.

“For this price, we sell”

Through its vice-president Marcos Braz, approached by TNT Sports, the club located in Rio de Janeiro railed against the attitude of the Marseille management. Flamengo believe Olympique de Marseille are demanding too much money for international Auriverde, who is missing from Tite’s roster for the 2022 World Cup. “I don’t know if it’s a strategy of Olympique de Marseille to try to put the price above the level of the price we are selling. For this price, we sell. We’re not going to buy it. I imagine that Gerson, despite everything he has shown, wants to come to Flamengo and Flamengo would love to have him. We even understand, this is the amount that Olympique de Marseille charges and has the right to charge, there is a player under contract, but it is well beyond what we are really able to pay. ”

Will Marseille be less greedy? Will Flamengo agree to pay a larger sum? To be continued… Under contract until June 2026, Gerson has participated in 13 matches in all competitions since the start of the 2022-2023 season, including 10 matches and 2 goals in Ligue 1.