World Cup 2022: Cristiano goes viral: The Portugal star seen taking something out of his underpants and eating it… what was it?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the opening match of World Cup Group H between Portugal and Ghana. He also hit another record, being the first in the history of men’s football to score in five different World Cups.

But there is one image of the Portuguese star that has undoubtedly caused much more reaction. Around the 36th minute of the match, Cristiano Ronaldo reached into his underpants, took something out and ate it.

Since the publication of the video, many jokes, memes, and messages of astonishment have flooded social media about what Cristiano was doing and, above all, about the lack of knowledge about what he is taking.

As explained by the Portuguese press, it seems that what the man without a club ingested was a small energy supplement.