Batyr Ball: The new Russian sport that combines MMA and 3×3 basketball

Not many may have wondered what would happen if someone decided to merge mixed martial arts (MMA) with 3×3 basketball. However, in Russia they did.

There, they have managed to converted this idea into a hybrid spot called ‘Batyr Ball’.

A video of this new sport has gone viral on Twitter showing a dunk in which a player/fighter smashes the glass of the board in the middle of a circular ring fenced off as an MMA octagon.

What are the rules of Batyr Ball?

The rules are not entirely clear, but what is certain from a first glance is that there are two teams of three players each facing each other.

Baskets count for one point, three-pointers count double and there doesn’t seem to be traveling or any other traditional basketball rules, as almost any contact is allowed.