Boxing: Tyson Fury already has a plan in case Usyk Super Fight doesn’t happen

Long gone are the days in which Tyson Fury wanted to retire, he backtracked on his decision made right after beating Dillian Whyte back in April. Fury knows that the Heavyweight division hasn’t been this exciting since Lennox Lewis was still winning belts and defending his championship. At 34 years old, Fury still hasn’t lost a single fight with his impressive 32-0-1 record. Only Deontay Wilder has managed to make him think losing was actually possible but there is another fighter who woke up his competitive spirit again.

That man is Oleksandr Usyk, who defeated Anthony Joshua twice and secured the belts that would unify the division from him. But Usyk recently revealed he wants to fight three more times and retire after that. He obviously would like to fight Fury for the unification bout and also has Canelo on his mind. But there are times when getting these fights agreed is quite difficult for many different reasons. Recently, Tyson revealed he already has a backup plan in case Usyk doesn’t want to fight against him.

Tyson Fury wants to fight in February, no matter what

Making this fight happen seems to be under the pressure of time, Tyson Fury often does this and gets on his possible opponents’ nerves. Fury is about to get a mandatory title defense against Derek Chisora on December 3rd. After that, he wants to fight again in the month of February. Tyson spoke to the Queensburry Prodcutions Youtube channel about his plans for the next four months. It’s pretty clear that money is the reason Tyson Fury seemingly changed his mind about retiring. He still has a few more bouts left in him.

This is what Fury said: “I’m back December 3, followed by February. And if he doesn’t want any smoke, Usyk, in February, you heard it here first, we’re going after Joe Joyce because he, in my opinion, is the No.2 heavyweight in the world behind myself. Maybe he’s three, because I don’t think anyone in the world can take Deontay Wilder’s power, only myself. Tell Joe he owes me 50 grand now for that publicity! Chisora, I thought, beat Usyk anyway. I thought he could have nicked it by a round or at least a draw, in the worst way if they wanted to rob him they could have given him a draw – I don’t think that [he gave Usyk a better fight than Anthony Joshua ], I know it.”