the proposals of the match safety and security report

The LFP has received the report on the safety and security of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 venues. Criminologist Alain Bauer and his team recommend six measures to solve the problems encountered in recent seasons.

The League issued a press release regarding the report delivered by Alain Bauer and its teams regarding the violence taking place in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 premises. Six proposals result from this:

  • Formalize a national partnership text on State/Football relations rolled out at the local level
  • Strengthen the authority of the State, based on acquired expertise: expand the role of the DNLH and perpetuate the Interministerial Unit
  • Rethinking the relationship with groups of supporters and adapting the legislation, particularly on smoke bombs, by making the facilitators responsible
  • Rebalancing collective sanctions and individual sanctions: breaking the anonymity of thugs to allow supporters to fully play their role as supporters
  • Develop an LFP certification which makes it possible to work on securing sporting events in French stadiums at all levels
  • Prioritize the risks: move from “ready to wear” to “tailor-made”.

Changes are expected to occur in the coming months.