Barça and PSG in the fight for Cristiano Ronaldo


Barca and PSG are said to be among the courtiers of Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently terminated his contract with Manchester United. Newcastle and Chelsea could also try to obtain his reinforcement.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal World Cup

According to information obtained by journalist Veronica Brunati, Barça and PSG have advanced their pawns to secure the services of Critiano Ronaldo in the coming weeks. They are not the only ones since in England, Newcastle and Chelsea would also be interested in his situation. FC Barcelona could very quickly enter into negotiations with Jorge Mendes, who would have offered it himself.

As a reminder, Manchester United announced that they had reached an agreement with the Portuguese for the termination of his contract on Tuesday. The striker, who did not participate in the summer preparation with his (former) teammates, failed to gain the confidence of his coach in the first part of the season. The player settled for 3 goals and 2 assists in 16 appearances in all competitions.

Jorge Mendes seems to have been looking for a way out for him for many months, but no training seemed ready to grant him the emoluments he expected. His status as a free player could facilitate his signing for a club in the coming days.

Towards a Ronaldo-Lewandowski duo?

Last season, CR7 managed to score 24 goals (including 3 penalties) in 39 games in all competitions. The player has long been announced in MLS, where Inter Miami was eyeing him in particular. The native of Funchal would nevertheless intend to continue in Europe, where new formations now seem to be interested in his situation.

Despite a still delicate financial situation, Barça therefore seems to be in the race to recruit the former “best enemy” of Lionel Messi. The Portuguese player could thus be associated with Robert Lewandowski, on the front of his attack. A duo that looks great, except that the two elements are respectively 37 and 34 years old…